Maya & Paws chronicles

Cat Shelter Simulator

Introducing Maya

Meet Maya, a vibrant and passionate soul with an undeniable love for cats. Maya’s cheerful demeanor and boundless energy make her a standout character in the game, adding a dynamic twist to the storyline.

A Journey of Compassion

We invite you to embark on a journey that celebrates the spirit of compassion and the magical bond between humans and cats. At the core of our experience lies a profound mission – to rescue, care for, and find loving families for our feline friends.

Build the Cat Haven!

Take charge and create the most exceptional cat shelter! Design a visionary shelter, implement compassionate care programs, excel in adoptions, foster community engagement, and embrace constant innovation.

Meet our team

At the heart of our game’s magic is a passionate team committed to bringing your feline fantasies to life. Comprising creative visionaries, skilled developers, and avid cat enthusiasts, our collective goal is to deliver an immersive and delightful gaming experience.


Talk to us

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