Update 2.0

Our inaugural release marks the birth of PurrParadise, a heartfelt endeavor that invites you into a world of feline wonders. Version 1.0 is not just a game; it’s the realization of a vision, a testament to the dedication and passion of our team.

Key Features:

🏡 Founding the Shelter: Take your first steps as a compassionate caretaker, building the foundation of your cat shelter. Customize your space, select your first feline residents, and witness the beginnings of a haven for cats in need.

🌈 Discover Unique Stories: Each cat in Version 1.0 comes with its own tale. Uncover their histories, quirks, and personalities as you provide a loving home for them. Every adoption is a small victory, a step towards creating a community of happy feline companions.

🏆 Early Challenges: Face initial challenges that test your caretaking skills. From managing limited resources to understanding the unique needs of your cats, Version 1.0 sets the stage for the rewarding journey that lies ahead.

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